BY: The Minority in Parliament has chastised the Roads and Highways Minister, Kwasi Amoako-Atta, for peddling what it calls “deception” with regard to the NPP government’s achievements in the road sector. According to the Ranking Member on the Roads and Transport Committee, Governs Agbodza, the government has only repackaged roads it could not complete …

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Attitude is everything. If each alphabet represents a number, then all the alphabets in the word attitude sum up to 100- 100%. Why is attitude everything? Attitude is your predisposition to a circumstance, a thing or a person. Because of our false selves which are quick to judge and quick to be overly sentimental, it …

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Create your life from the inside out -ANFREBEATS

Your mind has the power to change all of the outer aspects of your life. You create your life from the inside out. – The Secret; Everything is spiritual. Everything has a central processing system. Everything has a flow, a fulcrum of abundance. That is what I call life. Even your eyelashes grow from inside …

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Enjoy the moment as it comes because life is short. I just attended a funeral and the children of the deceased really needed their mother that bad. They might have thrown away some wonderful moments with their mother while she was alive by their side and they definitely seized the opportunity to be present with …

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