Hon. Matthew Opoku-Prempeh: Accepting an Honorary Doctorate from UEW is a stab in the back of students and staff -Prof Avea E. Nsoh

I think staff and students should boycott the Special Congregation on May 26, 2021, in which you will be rewarded the doctorate. This is because it’s an insult to all academics and a disregard for academic freedom; a disrespect for your colleague in Parliament, Hon. Afenyo-Markin who was deceived into facilitating the unlawful removal and dismissal of Prof Mawutor Avoke (several other staff) and the unlawful appointment of Rt. Rev. Fr. Afful-Broni. Indeed, the Hon. MP is fighting with the illegally dismissed staff in the courts to restore their status in the University. In particular, attending the special congregation will be letting down the several colleagues that were dismissed.

In UEW all Professors and some senior members who are perceived to disagree with your illegal Vice-Chancellor have either been threatened or completely sidelined. In their place, some Professors have been hurriedly promoted to assume various positions.

I would have attended the one for Abdul-Malik Kweku Baako at UPSA. Fortunately and as expected of him, he publicly turned it down. Even though the organizers had similar intentions, I think he deserves it. You DON’T. And here is why:

  1. Professor Mawutor Avoke, the substantive Vice-Chancellor led some illegally dismissed staff to submit a petition to you on their dismissal. You promised to submit the petition to Council for immediate action.
  2. Council, subsequent to receiving the said petition from you, and following several other petitions on the same subject, set up the His Lordship Sir Denis Adjei’s Independent Investigative Committee.
  3. The Sir Denis Adjei Committee made several far-reaching reconciliatory recommendations which included among other things;
  4. setting in motion the necessary processes to appoint a Vice-Chancellor before November 2020
  5. Ensuring that any person appointed as Vice-Chancellor did not come from the supposed Prof Avoke of Prof. Afful-Broni camp to ensure peace
  6. retiring Rt. Rev, Fr. Afful-Broni at age 60 (ie November 28, 2020)
  7. bringing back all dismissed staff except one person who had already been reinstated by the courts
  8. Sir Denis Adjei’s report is still gathering dust as you drive in your air-conditioned car with a team of innocent and ill-informed staff from the Energy Ministry to receive the undeserved award.
  9. Under your watch and with your connivance some Vice-Chancellors have been appointed without due process.
  10. So, you now come to receive an honorary doctorate in a very divided University; a crisis that was caused and sustained instead of resolving.
  11. You have successfully replaced divergent opinion, academic freedom, and autonomy of the Universities with the culture of silence sustained by a civil service “Yesa masa” culture in academia specifically in UEW where you are expected to be rewarded with the doctorate.

As you pick your doctorate tomorrow remember;

  1. You are receiving it from an unlawful and very vindictive person who has failed to bring the university together as he exits in the next four months. Indeed, he has put in place all the necessary systems, structures and individuals to sustain the divisions in the University and to remote control us.
  2. several illegally dismissed staff and their families including innocent poor children are still languishing in the house thanks to your activities which have only helped to divide the university further.
  3. war criminals in World War II are still being hunted and tried. So, pray that you remain in power for eternity.
  4.  Sir Denis Adjei’s Independent Investigative report will hunt you forever .

The special congregation in UEW will enter the annals of Tertiary Education as one of the most embarrassing events in our history because you chose to accept this doctorate against reason.

God! Bless our Homeland Ghana!!

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