Abena Maserati Writes: The “Protocol” Ghana

BY: Abena Maserati 

Over the years, many people qualified for the job market end up being unemployed because one has no Protocol. Many terms can be derived from the term protocol as some call it “whom you know” while to others it is “who knows you”. The term protocol is becoming a norm gradually and therefore has been accepted by almost everyone.

Nepotism and favoritism were the initial terms used before the “famous protocol” took over. Ethnicity and family ties have also contributed to nepotism and favoritism which we term it as “protocol” in Ghana today. It is no doubt that there are young energetic people out there with the requisite skills needed for a Job but since this individual has no links whatever, they end up writing series of application letters which yields no positive results.

Some of these people allege that they are sometimes taken to rooms full of application letters Just to inform them indirectly that, they are never getting the job. Those who are unable to cope with the situation end up indulging themselves in illicit businesses such as engaging in fraudulent activities as well as the sales of drugs.


In some renowned tertiary institutions, a student needs to pay a “protocol fee” before getting access to a room that was built for them. The issue of Protocol in Ghana is fast rising to the extent that, a student who has struggled, endured all the academic pressures, and has finally completed the Tertiary institution needs to pay a “protocol fee” to get a better place to do his or her service. Once a student gets a place for the service and he or she does not make it haste to the place, the student is told the place is full. Places such as BOST and GRA are purely partisans, such places are given to students who belong to a particular political party. If a student requires “protocol” to render his or her service, then what is the assurance of such a student getting a job after service.

Interestingly, the term protocol had been attached to the word ” Links”. Most often than not, one would hear students in the Tertiary institutions especially talking about getting links before graduation. In this regard, the student needs to get people to give him or her the “protocol’ after school when the need arises. Similarly, ladies especially who have no protocol finds it extremely difficult to get jobs as they are exposed to managers and Directors who want to have sexual affairs with them before giving them jobs.

Ghana is beyond aid, but the country is failing to thrive due to these nitty-gritties retarding its growth. Once institutions are strengthened and proper structures are laid for the future generations, then Ghana would be able to do better, because the “Protocol” Ghana today is threatening the lives of the Future Leaders now and in years to come.

Source: Anfrebeats.com

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