Marriage in many definitions , defined as the union between a man and a woman who has agreed through the right traditions or law require to be accepted in society as a husband and a wife . When you marry a wife , you marry her for yourself , not your friends .

You must stop discussing your marriage challenges with your friends and making them shareholders in your marriage .

Everything in this world is a matter of calculation so advance them with caution, and balance them in your hands.


Thomas Jeffeson, once offered a more balanced model of the relationship between “reason and Emotion”.

In 1786, same Thomas Jeffeson , while serving as a Minster to France , fell in love with a beautiful twenty -seven year old English artist Mrs. Maria Cosway , who was then introduced to Jeffeson by his mutual friend .  Later , Thomas Jeffeson , and Maria Cosway then spent the next few hours doing exactly what people should do to fall madly inlove. They strolled arround paris on a perfect sunny day and imagining two foreigners sharing each other’s aesthetic appreciations of a grand city .

Thomas Jeffeson , later sent a messenger bearing lies to cancel his evening meetings so that he could extend the day into night . Maria Cosway, was married , although the marriage seems to have been an open marriage of convenience , and historian do not know how far the romance progressed in the next weeks that followed but , Cosway husband soon insisted on taking his wife to England , leaving Thomas Jeffeson in pain.

To ease that pain , Thomas Jeffeson wrote Cosway a love letter using literary trick to cloak the impropriety of writing about love to a married woman . Jeffeson , wrote the letter as a dialogue between his head and his heart debating the wisdom of having pursued ” Friendship”, even while he knew it would have to end.


What goes around comes around when you fail to reason .  Jeffeson head is the platonic ideal of reason , scolding the heart for having dragged them both into yet another fine mess.  I leave this you in 2021 bendown to God for every challenges being it marriage or whatsoever is hunting you than to make your friends shareholders in that situation you find yourself. in conclusion, a very close and confidant friend of mine boldly tells me that my wife doesn’t deserved me and that the marriage will not last. Today , where is he now ? He is not dead though but he is not fighting marriage but marriage is rather fighting him over a four decade today.

By: Justice k. Aniah Baba.

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