Becoming a celebrity is a blessing from God, one gains followers and people who admire you for the fact that you have made it to the top.

It is an undeniable fact that being a celebrity generates hatred and envy as well due to individual differences and how a celebrity carries himself or herself. One may or may not know of being a celebrity and hence might live a life only pleasing to oneself but later cost him or her.

Ghana’s entertainment industry has over years been facing numerous challenges. Celebrities clash, management, and artiste clash, fans clash among others. The ‘beefing’ in the industry has gradually become a norm since there cannot be a month without a celebrity beefing another celebrity.

The biggest “beef” between Shatta Wale and Stonebwoy was resolved and one thought “beefing” in the industry is all over. In contrast, it seems Shatta Wale and Stonebwoy’s “beef” rather paved way for more “beefs”. A day does not go by without our celebrities beefing each other.

Few weeks ago, another clash between Tracy Boakye, a Ghanaian actor, producer, entrepreneur had a clash with the sixteen years hitmaker, Mzbel. Their “beef” has led to numerous challenges and issues keep unveiling as most people think a well-known politician is behind the scene.

Having an affair with married men is becoming a norm in Ghana. Moesha Budoung, a Ghanaian actress was once interviewed by CNN and she stated emphatically that some ladies have affair with married men in other to cater for themselves and she is no exception. Most people expressed their disappointment in what the Ghanaian actress said. Now, Tracey Boakye from her videos also displays her side on dating and having affair with married men and how she has acquired properties from such men.

It is rather sad, that the very people most young people look up to as role models are rather giving negative influence and unnecessary pressure on these young people. Having affair with married men to acquire riches is the only concern of most young ladies. Social media platforms keep giving people pressure because right from our celebrities, it is dressing, hair, and skin challenge we only see on their platforms. Interestingly, most of the female celebrities sell creams and medicine that can help a lady acquire curves at the right side. People are trying different drugs and have believe in the ones being advertised by the celebrities.

My concern now is, can’t those celebrities be banned from selling and advertising such drugs since it is not having any positive impact on the younger generation? Can’t they be stopped from making certain utterances like having affair with married men to make properties? Can’t they “beef” in a way that would bring progress to the entertainment industry and the entire nation? It is time to awaken these celebrities from their sleeps as they play a key role in the lives of the young ones and the next generations to follow, indeed it is great to be young, but it is greater to impact lives in a more positive way.

By: Abena Maserati

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