E-Learning Saga: Abena Maserati Writes; Nobody is against studies, but is this the right time to study

E-Learning Saga: Abena Maserati Writes-Anfrebeats.com

COVID-19 has compiled Government to enforce a lot of measures to fight this deadly pandemic of which many has sparked controversies in the country one among which is the issue of E-Learning for students.

A Legon student popularly known as Abena Maserati who also double as Ambassador for Alpha Promotion Foundation and a model disclosed to AnfrebeatNews that, The E-Learning initiative in Tertiary Institutions is not encouraging since Tertiary institutions are not equipped enough and students are equally not improvising.

This is what she has to say:

Two-thirds of the world are in lockdown; Life goes on no matter what but certain things in life put things to a halt.   

The economy is dropping,  pressure is mounted on Government and many other Governments are losing much of money to curb this disease to ensure the well being of its citizens.
Mr Government; my question is, How do you expect students to learn amidst this situation?

Can’t we continue with the schooling after everything is finalised?

Why is the government putting pressure on students to learn?

Is the government telling us that none of the confirmed cases are students? If no, then it’s fine but if yes, what are they doing about such students?

Students are not in the right state to learn for Christ sake!


AnfrebeatNews on an underground investigation in tertiary institutions to know the outcome of the E-Learning Initiative, Below are the results:  

Anfrebeats News team upon speaking with students at various tertiary level bemoan unpleasant dissatisfaction in the E-Learning initiative implemented by the Government.

Many students complained about traffic jam in the websites introduced to them for their studies, while others also complain of website error in the page loading.

Most Students also bemoaned on the online examination which according to them will be used for a continues assessment which will constitute to 70% of their final grade, but not less than 50% a situation the students describe as worrying since the online examination page has failed most of them.

Furthermore, students can’t joined organized class meetings because the groups has reached its maximum number.

Below are the complains of various students:

According to Abena Maserati, the student populace was not confronted about this form of learning.

She indicated that, most students left their books, laptops and other learning materials at schools, adding that, students come from different communities of which network signals are not equal.

I repeat, Nobody is against studies, but this is not the right time to study
#our health first, education later. 

Source: Anfrebeats.com


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