COVID-19 expose the corrupt Act of Akuffo Addo through “Ghana Beyond Aid”

Any corrupt leader’s enemy is the one that holds him accountable for the people he leads or governs. A visionary leader ought not to be surrounded by thieves or people he vehemently believes are corrupt but will heed to their advice knowingly that they still hang out with them, such character is only described as wicked and bad nut that can cause an accident.

There is not much to celebrate about being a youth in Ghana today. Must dedication to the youth be about reflection?
The youth need to take stock of their lives. Why are they being used as tools, as springboards for others to achieve their dreams, while they remain static?

They need to engage their brains into overdrive and not be easily swayed by cheap rhetoric.
Since almost everything in today’s society seems to be about politics. Let the youth get on board and influence the politics of this country. Let them not engage in physical battles, however, but rather engage in intellectual dialogue in order to move this country forward.
The youth can complain until Jesus comes and never see change unless they get involved.

Let them stand up and be counted.

As part of efforts to control the spread of covid-19 in Ghana, I learnt the Chinese government, where we all believe the virus originates from, today donations are urgently needed likewise life-sustaining medical supplies to Ghana government led by his Excellency President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo is nothing but a shame that has really expose the “Ghana Beyond Aid” mantra chanted a few months ago. Many were those who called this a scam and unachievable and today where are we as a country?
We are not doing the talking but on the ground is empty?

Did the government receive this supplies including 3,000 N95 protective Face masks ( pfm), 10,000 pfm, 2,500 Disposable coveralls, 800 infrared thermometers, 2,500 medical goggles, 10,000 single-use gloves and many more simply because other neighbouring countries have received theirs and there is a need for us too?

The previous government did the same chanting with his mantra ” Changing lives Transforming Ghana ” yet we did not see any transformation in our lives we still remain poor. We are the same people you will come to us soliciting for vote so now what do you take us for? This is a time we youth should think critically about ourselves and choose leaders. Don’t let us sell our destiny and conscience for 500 and 1,000 cedis. I am a citizen but not Spectator.

Source:: Columnist Justice Kwaku Aniah Baba

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