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Attitude is everything. If each alphabet represents a number, then all the alphabets in the word attitude sum up to 100- 100%. Why is attitude everything? Attitude is your predisposition to a circumstance, a thing or a person. Because of our false selves which are quick to judge and quick to be overly sentimental, it is easy and very common to have an outburst or a cry.

When the attitude is mentioned, it is important to note these two words,  react and respond. To react is to have the chance to do again, to repeat an action. I think it is a common-rare phenomenon to have the chance to act again. It is a beautiful gift from our maker and nature.

For example, In trying to defeat my false self in a good or bad situation or a combination of the two, I give my self-assurance by muttering to myself to be calm, thereby reducing the risk of acting unlikely.

In looking at the word responsible, it implies you have the ability to respond. That is another gift. The ability to respond. So what happens when you have the ability to respond?

How well do you respond to happy or sad situations or bitter-sweet circumstances? Or a very unreasonable person?

You have the energy, the potential energy to respond in the way that you want it. Next time you have the opportunity to act again or the gift of been response-able do not lose it. Make good use of it.

By: Akpene Asigbee

Source: Anfrebeats.com

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