GaDangbe language should be added to schools caricullum

The GaDangbe Hewalɔi Hewamenya Social Group has called for the GaDaŋme language to be added to schools’ curriculums to restore confidence in the GaDaŋme language.

According to them, they will ensure that the GaDangbe language goes back to the classrooms and proudly and freely speak their language and make the culture very attractive as they continue to demonstrate self-discipline and high moral standards.

Speaking at a press conference in Accra, the Convenor of the group, Osofo Nii Naate Atswele Agbo Nartey said there are many graduates from Winneba University, who studied GaDangbe and also teachers of GaDangbe decent, who is posted as a basic school class teacher here in Accra are willing to teach but are posted to other regions to teach English.

He said the irrelevant transfer of trained GaDangbe teachers from Greater Accra to other regions should be stopped and scholarships for outstanding GaDangbe students by Universities in Greater Accra, financial institutions and sponsorship awards programs for GaDangbe by both public and private organizations operating in Greater Accra ought to be initiated, executed and maintained.

He added that all places of Worship (Churches, Mosque, traditional shrines, etc) in the region of Accra, must ensure that, worshipers either children, teens or adults will get a translation of the service in GaDangbe so that they can clearly understand the sermons and or teachings. GaDangbe people from all levels of life, whether they are doctors, lawyers, teachers or Hillbillies at times will need to understand the spoken word of God in their language.

Once again, we urge that every GaDangbe, whether by birth, marriage, adoption or association, be assertive, combative and restive in promoting and projecting that aspect of our culture that is positive, educative and re-formative. Our identity is paramount.

Let’s keep it sacred in addition,beautification of the capital city should not be treated as a periphery. Tree planting and Refuse Collection should be allocated to GaDangbe contractors, and be supervised for a good job done” he said”


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