20 million GHANAIANS are disenfranchised by the EC

APC aspiring member has launched operation support the agenda power

The vociferous Journalist who also doubles as the aspiring member of parliament in the ticket of the All People’ Congress (APC) for the people of Oforikrom constituency in the Ashanti region Mr Justice K. Aniah Baba has urged Ghanaians to change situations by themselves and rise to defend their right and freedom which is disenfranchised by the Electoral Commission (EC) for not paying hid to their concerns against the compilation of New voters biometric register.

” We have realized that the situation will not change so the answer is for us to change and vote against this autocratic government come December 7th and give the APC’s chance to turn things around”.

Per the dates and time outlined by the Commission, this means each person spends 20 minutes meaning, from 7 AM – 5 pm will be 3×10 hours = 30 people register a day. Now 30× 8,000 devices deployed across the 32,000 polling station will be 240, 000.per day × 42 days = 10,080,000(10 million) Ghanaians will be able to register when the devices didn’t fault but when its fault then at least 8 million Ghanaian citizens will register out of the 30 million population this means that 20 million GHANAIANS are disenfranchised by this wicked Electoral Commission working for NPP.

Dr. Hassan Ayariga has outlined and addresses some of the problems we face as individuals and as a nation in the APC’s manifesto to create jobs and better economy for all when given the mandate.we are both believers in looking at the solutions and becoming part of the solution this is the reason why APC is All-inclusive governance.

“We are transparent enough to allow you to see how you might become a part of the solution irrespective of your background”.

“I have always been on focus for the good people of my Constituency because is one of the mainstays of effectively dealing with a problem, just as awareness is the first step to progress. How can you fix a problem if you can’t see it, to begin with? Our focus has been on what the problems are so you might more clearly see what the solutions might be, individually and collectively. Youth must rise up for Change because it’s our time to kick the oldmen out and serve our motherland Ghana with the ” Agenda power to the people”

“I have used the media as a tool to fights, however, that’s not enough, therefore, the MP position will let me serve well for my people so please vote for me as member of parliament for Oforikrom Constituency and APC presidential candidate Dr. Hassan Ayariga”.

Source: www.anfrebeats.com

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