Ghanaian Based Model Tells how she was nearly Kidnapped

Ghanaian Based Model Tells how she is nearly Kidnapped

A Ghanaian based runway model, who also doubles as a photo and commercial model known in the modelling industry as eve-dhe-model explains her experience on how she was nearly kidnapped by a gang men.

According to her, Kidnappers have inaugurated new strategy to lure models to a deceitful situation or trap can report.

Speaking to, eve-dhe-model indicated that, she was contacted to have been selected  to represent a fashion show which looks so convincing to her but was a fallacy.

Read her story below;

“I received a phone call from an unknown number and this was what the caller said, are you on your way already? I got confused and asked my way to where?

He said I was on a fashion show and they have been trying to reach me on the phone but it wasn’t going through and the fashion show was on the same day”.

I was surprised, what fashion show exactly he didn’t mention but stated,

“the casting you participated recently, you were successfully selected to partake in the show and because of your portfolio we saw on IG, we are willing to pay you a higher amount which he mentioned the price”.  it was quite fat though.

The people seem to know much about my background in terms of my profession strictly disclosing vas fashion shows I attended.

“I remembered I was on the Mercedes Benz casting a week before the call, therefore, was totally convinced that maybe it. He told me the show will start at 9 pm, and I am supposed to get there early before time all this while he was talking about Nkorkor.

“Though I was totally convinced I still had doubts, why Mercedes Benz will have their fashion week at Nkokor above all the places in Accra?

So I called a male friend of mine to accompany me with two my safety is a bit saved.

After the long hours we got there around 7:43 at night, I placed a call to him that I was at Nkorkor in his reply am to give him some minutes since his on the way to come pick me up.

I waited for about 10mins he still wasn’t around so I placed another call, he picked and told me he was the person in a white car and ahead of me was truly a white car.

He asked if I was standing alone and I replied was with a male friend, all of a sudden he ended the call and I saw the car drove off. I called several times but it went to a voice mail.

I continued trying the number for several minutes while standing late that night at Nkorkor.

He called later and demanded why I did come with someone insulating him as bad my response was simple if you weren’t a bad person you would have come around, he ended the called and never called again”.

Just tonight I received a message from a number on WhatsApp, asking if am not coming in asked response coming for??  he asked for my call line to explain further, I gave out my new number and it was the same voice with a different strategy.

All I imagined was what if I came alone?? Is that how kidnapers easily track people?

Don’t fall for a fallacy my colleague models, be sage.

Below is the Contact number of the Suspect:

Ghanaian Based Model Tells how she is nearly Kidnapped    


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