We are chocking to death over politics of equalization – Clement Asafo Adjei

Politics of equalization and mediocrity is both annoying and nauseating to say least. Sometimes I shudder to think that Ghanaian politics would always remain petty and infantile in nature.

We are simply choking to death over politics of equalization; where after winning political power in Ghana, the party in the office always makes the previous administration its benchmark of performance.

If Ghanaians were satisfied with the performance of the previous administration they would have maintained it in office.

Our politics should be elevated above mediocrity and low thinking. In Ghana, we are more or less practising mediocracy rather than meritocracy.

Padded and bloated appointments are signs of insensitivity to the plight of the so-called ordinary Ghanaian. Public officeholders and government appointees live lavishly and opulently like kings and queens while the people they purport to serve to live wretchedly in abject poverty and squalor.

I have always insisted that leadership should empower the people but in our part of the world, leadership impoverishes the people and in most cases loot what is due to the citizenry. Wherein lies the value for money or protection of the public purse mantra of the government?

What happened to efficiency and competence in government? First, it was 110 ministers and deputies and now more than 120. I thought competence and efficiency involve using fewer resources and investment to achieve better and greater results. Maybe in Ghana, competence and efficiency have different meanings I am oblivious of.

If you can employ fewer capable hands who have the wherewithal to deliver and save the nation outrageous expenditure, that would be applauded as prudent management of the national kitty.

A lot of appointments into public office in Ghana is only a cheap means of creating cheap employment which betrays our lack of strategic thinking and creativity in governance. If Ghanaians should be employed, it must be in avenues that create value for the economy rather than siphon the insufficient resources available for national development.

Ghanaian politicians in most cases only seem to care about the country and the people when they are in opposition but when they are given the opportunity to govern, they become indifferent to the concerns of the people.  The same acts and decisions they condemn in opposition become acceptable when they are in power. I guess there is no defined standard of judgment in Ghana in the estimation of our politicians.

I wonder how and why political parties have a great soft spot for the creation of new offices and institutions whenever the reins of a power switch. Our politicians behave as if they dropped from space to govern the country and therefore have a great propensity for creating new and parallel institutions and offices.

Most of the portfolios created so far under the current administration are duplication of functions of existing structures including the office of the special prosecutor, office for one district, one factory, Zongo and inner-city development, regional reorganization, railways development ministry, monitoring and evaluation ministry, senior minister position, ministry of national security, among others.

My wonder is how the whole nation is mute over these outrageous expenditures and emoluments on duplicated portfolios.

If every government should appoint people loyal to it before it can deliver on its development agenda and manifesto, that would signify a clear-cut vote of no confidence in the public and civil service which does not augur well for our national development drive. This nation is sick in its orientation and we need moral and attitudinal renewal and change.

Our silence and unwillingness to speak up on national development issues reveal worrying sycophancy and hypocrisy in our body politics. For political expediency, people justify these nation-wrecking decisions though the national interest is not served. Politicians will come and go but none is concerned about Ghana.

The country is sinking fast and it needs urgent rescue. What happens to our youth, children and generations unborn? What happened to integrity, accountability and patriotism in Ghana? Enough of partisan politics and populism!

All must see it as a duty to have our voices heard and be counted as responsible citizens in championing “Agenda Ghana” and nothing else. JOIN THE CITIZENSHIP ACTIVISM CAMPAIGN NOW.

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