Why I breastfed my brother’s son while he was a baby – Nollywood actress Iyabo Ojo


Entertainment    /07th/March/2019

By: Justice K. Aniah 

Nollywood actress Iyabo Ojo

The infamous Nigerian actress Ilyabo Ojo has admitted she breastfeeds her brother’s son. While celebrating her brother’s son

Mathew on his matriculation, recounted how she breastfed him as a baby because his mother’s breasts would not produce milk.

She wrote:

This handsome dude is my nephew, my brother’s son but I call him my son because we share a mother & son relationship.  I try not to steal the spot from his biological mum but today I just

have to let you all know that I don’t have two kids but many. My heart is filled with so much emotions, memories & above all gratitude to God. His mum had him 17 and a half years ago, at first he wouldn’t latch, when he did the mum’s breast refused to produce milk. We bought different types of milk but he kept throwing up.

It became obvious that he’s lost significant weight in two weeks. At this point, I decided to take charge, , told the mum my intention and seek consent.

He was brought to my house and I started breastfeeding him. (Priscy was six months old and still breastfeeding).

Of course aunty Priscilla @its. Priscy couldn’t understand why mum was sharing her booby 😂, she would hit, pinch and cry her eyes out each time I breastfed Mathew. A lot happened after and Mathew continued to stay with me. It’s not been easy solely raising

them all but today seeing Matthew and attending his matriculation, I feel blessed and happy that I got the parenting skills right.

Yes, I have failed in different ways but God has been so faithful to me and my household.

The tears wouldn’t stop, oh no, they are that of joy and fulfillment.

At matto_xo I have witnessed today, may I witness your graduation and and many more, please face your studies & never forget to always put God 1st, I love you & the rest of you congratulations son… Mummy.

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