Must Read-Ministry Of Education Misplacing Its Credibility-Mr. Boadi William


News         /11 February, 2019/

By: Anfrebeats

CEO and Educationist of Educate Ghana Summit Mr. Boadi William has pronounce the ministry of

education a total stunned in functioning.

His  comment came in after the minister of education and his deputy spoke about the controversy in the

double truck education system.  According to the Minister,  Dr. Mathew Opoku Prempeh said, the “double

track education system will end in September” while on the other hand, declaring also that, the “double track

education system is not ending anytime soon”.

In response to the above comment by Dr. Mathew Opoku Prempeh, Mr. Boadi William pronounces a caution to

the ministries.

He said, “With all due respect, I would want to sound a caution to them that, education is not try your luck avenue.

The education  ministry demands noumenon with national policy to better Ghana’s Education for a strong

foundation for our country”.

However, adding his voice to the viral issue on social media platforms of the education sector duration for all universities to be reduced from four years to three years likewise JHS and SHS certificates to be upgraded to

diploma by Dr. Mathew Opoku Prempeh.

Mr. Boadi William stated whether or not he thought of changing the theoretical system of education to entrepreneurship skills oriented education system to enable students create their own job to reduce unemployment.

He added that, has the ministries of education thought of building a standardized nation by providing teaching and

learning materials to ensure quality and comfortable teaching and learning.

Mr. Boadi gave more intriguery questions and quotations baying the education ministries to their toes

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