Must Read-Armed Robber’s Should Be Amputated To Decongest Our Prison Cell’s-Rev.Allotey


  • News    /October 29, 2018/

Story By: Dosu Loretta 


Rev. Emmanuel Allotey

The Founder of Amazing Light Christian Center, (Dansoman) Rev. Emmanuel Allotey

urged Government to consider amputation as the penalty for armed robber’s

due to the rampant increase in our prisons cell’s.

He said, prison’s are available to deter people but the essence is not effective anymore.

Howerver, in an interview with Miss Dosu Loretta of Radio Afrika(News Anchor)

Rev. Emmanuel Allotey stated that, in his own opinion and campaign, if anyone

is been caught engaging in armed robbery, amputation should be the right penalty for the culprit.

He added that, this will help to decongest our prison cell’s and make armed robbery disincentive.

More to that, Rev. Emmanuel Allotey added that, the penalty of hanging offenders to death,

is also valid in the written constitution of the country (1992).

However, considering amputation of the leg and arm in armed robbery and the cause of murder

during their operations, death penalty is on the high side.

He that, amputation of the leg and hands is what he is putting across and urging the

Government to take into consideration to help decongest criminals and crimes in the country.

Editor: Anebo Fredrick (Anfred)

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