Obscenity Collapsing the Ghanaian Movie Industry-Anebo Fredrick


 By: Anebo Fredrick (Anfred)


To start with this article, Mr.Editor kindly permit me to use your biggest editoral platform

to address this canker in the Ghana Movie Industry.

Let me take time to elaborate on some key words that serve as a hint point to this narrative.

Obscenity; an act, utterance, or item tending to corrupt the public morals by its indecency.

Talking of obscenity, it’s a legal term that applies to anything offensive to morals and is often

equated with the term Pornography.

Pornography however,is a more limited term, which refers to the erotic content of books,

magazines, films and recordings, nude’s etc.

To explicit more on obscenity, (the 18th century book)

“Fanny Hill” has been subjected to obscenity trials at various times.

Again in Ghana, GhanaWeb.Com General news of Tuesday, 28 May 2013, part of it stated that,

a private legal practitioner, Ace Ankomah has stated that the laws of Ghana supports the arrest

and prosecution of anyone who circulates obscene materials in the public.

It further went on and stated that, The Bureau of National Investigations (BNI) has arrested

and detained a former New Patriotic Party (NPP) Constituency chairman for Ayawaso West Wougon,

Mr.Michael Omari Wadie  for allegedly circulating doctored sexual pictures of President,

John Mahama on some social networking sites.

Now this is some obscene examples with their legal effects. 

Getting to know one of our key words, let’s keep interacting to know what “Indecencency” is;

Simply, indecency means not conforming to generally accepted standards of behavior, especially

in relation to sexual matters.

Now that we have taken time to understand these keys words that have been hinted and explained,

the article then gives a smooth clearance, as the saying goes “The average estimate themselves

by what they do, the above average by what they are.”

Ghana Movies;

a movie is a recorded sequence of images displayed on a screen at a rate sufficiently fast to create

the appearance of motion. Movies or films serves as a forum in transmission of information to

the public, it should be educative, or fun (entertaining),  historic, and must pertain a Conducive environment.

Mr. Editor in Ghana, the movie industry is in two folds, the local productions thus Kumawood and that of the Ghallywood.

Considering the level of obscene and indecency being displayed in our various movies in the movie industry of late,

it has come to my notice to publish an article to condemn such indecent exposure.

Mr.Editor, according to the law passed by parliament to regulate locally produced movies,

section 20 of the law states that, “The law shall not approve for exhibition, a film it considers to be pornographic.

This clearly comes in link to bad story outline by some directors and producers in film making.

Some bad scenes and roles portrayed or played by actors and actresses, roles such as explicit sex

scenes which tend to expose nudity on public screens, romancing and explicit scenes that involve the

actors and actresses to perform extreme passionate kissing.

The issue here is some Ghanaian producers and scriptwriters  have become lazy to the extent

that, they write poor storylines which only involves relationships, romancing, kissing and sex scene

ignoring all the historic stories, all the stage drama storylines, all the educative moral lesson

and dynamicity in our culture.

Mr.Editor, these drew my mind to a true life story about a 40 year old married man who

had interest in acting and decided to go into acting, he picked up forms and on the day of casting

he was given an explicit role to play with a young lady who could be his daughter.

The role demanded that he hug and kiss the girl.  According to the man the directors asked

him to leave he casting ground when he refused to play such role, stating that, it was against his religion.

This man, whom all of a sudden developed interest to act, his dreams suddenly was cut short because

of the act he was portrayed to play.

Mr.Editor, from the deduced law passed by Parliament, the new act will repeal the cinematography

Act 1961 (Act76) in the cinematographer amendment decree, 1975 (NRCD 350) that seeksto provide

the legal frame work for the production regulation, nurturing and development of the Ghanaian film industry.

Mr.Editor, the main objective of the authority is evolving a dynamic, economically self-sustaining

and culturally conscious film industry in the country, in the national interest to help promote

the creation of a Conducive environment for the local production. With this, I draw my critics again to

heads of the Ghana movie industry. Per my research, I got to know that though these head officials

are in control of the industry; their powers to control are limited.

This makes them unable to sanction film makers of films that portray obscene and indecent material

in films before premiere.

But yet still my critics still holds up onto them, although they can’t sanction, they have the mandate

to withheld movies or films that exposes obscene and indecency materials in scenes and roles in movies.

Mr.Editor, movies are to educate but not to implant immoral and indecency in the society for individuals

to copy blindly, most especially those that are into acting and performs such roles.

Movies can be used to protect certain endangered groups in the society, but what do we see on our screens,

most movies story outlines even turns to discriminate and majority of the movies shows exposures.

Mr.Editor, from the law passed by parliament, it will really be of my great joy if the section 20

of the law which state, “The board shall not approve for exhibition a film it consider to be phonographic”

be really enforced and filmmakers to be taken on if their movies portrays obscenity and indecency.

Let’s all stand together to fight against this canker especially the media.

It will be of great effort if the media helps to fight against this phenomenon.

I will also urge filmmakers and script writers to produce quality movies that carries good

across and of moral standards.

Mr.Editor, to end with my artilce in your great noble platform, i entreat everyone

to Say No! to Obscenity and Indecency in the movie industry for the betterment of the country’s name

and the moral standards of the industry.

Be A Citizen And Be Patriotic.

Editor: Anfred

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