Residents Of Tabora -Alhaji Charges Co-operate Banks in Setting up more ATM.



Anebo Fredrick/Friday/12/10/2018.

Residents at Tabora-Alhaji often face challenges on the breakdown of Automobile Transaction machine (ATM). As a result of Ecobank being the only ATM machine available in the area.

Tabora-Alhaji fall’s under the Ga Central Municipality with Hon. Shirley Ayokor Botchwey as the member of Parliament.

However, according to the 2010 population and housing census 117,220 was estimated as the total number of people in the area.
Sensing the figure rate, the vicinity still uses the only available Ecobank ATM machine to withdraw their monies. Due to this challenge, there is much pressure on the ATM which often causes it’s breakdown, also individual ATM card’s often get stacked which takes several hours or even a day before one can get access to his/her card.

With this situation at hand, residents of Tabora -Alhaji are urging Banks be of support by building enough ATM machines to help in the easy transaction and withdrawal of Money in the vicinity likewise calling unto Ecobank to build more ATM machines to help enable easy withdrawal of money.

In conclusion, residents of Tabora-Alhaji are calling unto the Government to help construct roads as their roads are in deplorable state and also urge the member of Parliament, Hon. Shirley Ayokor Botchwey to be up and doing to improve infrastructure development in her constituency.

Editor: Janet Owusu.

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